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Franchise Opportunities

An Introduction

  1. 906 Hotel was established in the Historical City of Melaka (declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site) in the Year 2008.
  2. Hotel services providing temporary accommodations including food and beverage.
  3. Strong brand awareness
  4. Uphold brand value, product and service quality standards, and our culture of complete guest satisfaction.
  5. Appeals to both business and leisure travelers
  6. A leading provider of mid-scale service lodging
  7. 906 Hotel and its franchisees work cooperatively to exceed our guests' needs and expectations

Become a 906 Hotel Franchisee

The 906 Hotel Franchise System is based on what hotel practitioners crave - a strong brand with proven systems that sets the frame work for a successful business.

Franchise Friendly Agreements

  1. 6-year term
  2. Performance based termination rights
  3. Area of protection for term of the contract


906 Hotel recognized the power of branding. Our brand standards focus on ensuring all our hotels deliver the same high-quality guest services and products chain-wide.

Franchise Meetings

Franchise owners meet every 2 months for a Franchise meeting to discuss any day-to-day issues. The Annual Strategic Conference is held at the start of the calendar year where the main issues are discussed: The Annual Training Program, Annual Marketing Strategy and Database System Update. It is also the forum for all Franchisee to give their input and opinion on the direction and strategies for the network.

Marketing, Advertising and Traning Materials

The latest marketing, advertising, coaching and training materials are available to all franchisee. Our strategy to reach and influence our marketplace is shaped by our goals to:

  1. Constantly develop a better understanding of our brand and its users
  2. Focus communications to the most relevant guest segment to increase penetration over our competitive market segment.

More Reasons to Join the 906 Hotel

  1. Free consultation services towards problem solving arises in operation
  2. Periodical visit to supervise the business progress
  3. Promote business under the trade name in accordance with terms of agreement
  4. Supplies of and training materials
  5. On-going training
  6. Research & development support
  7. Sharing of resources and network.

Contact Us

To learn more about 906 Hotel or how to become part of the 906 Hotel family, pleasse call 012-6883906 or email us at

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